Mental illness is a sickness


Mental illness is a sickness, most people that have this condition don’t really know they have it, they will think it is always someone else’s fault. They will lay the blame on someone else even though that someone else may or may not be at fault. Sometimes they will blame the one that exposes it to them, but there is an underlying condition that needs to be dealt with. Jesus said He did not come to call the righteous but the sick. It is the sick that need the doctor, He is the doctor. When one is born of the spirit which is essential it does not heal the mind, the mind is part of the redemptive processes and it is a most important part of salvation. If the mind is left out of the equation then the salvation will never be real, it will be waiting for a someday one day solution. But in scripture we are told ‘be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind’ This transformation is life changing even more so than being born of the spirit, it is the alignment of spirit and mind. Those that don’t renew there mind succumb to the carnal mind thinking that doesn’t have anything to do with the Kingdom of God, so when Kingdom things are presented to them though it may excite them, the reality is far off. But I do think there are many more that should get excited by this but they are just so far off that they aren’t, though maybe they think they should.

Jesus is the doctor ‘by faith’ is the key that opens the door.
I do find that me sharing this to others so far has seemed to have had a negative response. But saying with the mouth ‘my thoughts think your thoughts’ (as in God’s thoughts because the mind of Christ is freely available) in faith and doing it until one gets faith that brings what one said on the scene, and not just once or twice here and there, but to keep at it until there is a total transformation. Once you start doing it right, you will know this works and it will create a hunger to persist. But I figure you have to be hungry?