The Judgement of God begins at the house of God


The Judgement of God begins at the house of God. We need to have this as a foundation about judgement after the cross which is when His judgements are in the earth the people learn righteousness. Now the House of God is the child of God that walks in Truth. And the Judgement of God is the Truth shall make you free. Those that don’t live in Truth are on the outside even if they are born of the spirit, they are living in the place of condemnation. Those that are born of the spirit and live in the fellowship of let us agree to disagree are living outside of Truth. Truth is where the life is. It is God’s call for those that He shed His blood for and died for is to live in Truth. Condemnation is the place of not being in the blessing of God, that is no matter how hard it is or how good things are for you. Truth which is hearing what God says is the life blood of walking in the blessing, outside of this is the place of condemnation. Who wants to live in the place of condemnation? And who actually see’s the difference? One needs to see the difference to act accordingly, it is the Goodness of God to you to be able to see the difference, and the goodness of God brings us to repentance which is a change of mind.