Faith comes by hearing the Word of God


Faith comes by hearing the Word of God, if what you are hearing is not giving you faith then it is not the Word of God. The Word of God produces faith, faith is our contact with God faith is what turns us from being a loser to being a winning, faith turns us from being defeated to being victorious. Religion will not give you faith it will give you a counterfeit. When your ears hear, faith is the fruit, when you keep having ears to hear strong faith is generated with increasing fruit. Those caught up in religion do not comprehend nor desire faith, faith makes you different, faith has God on the scene. If you want faith and if you want God active in your life – get ears that hear and speak what God speaks in your situation.

We are saved by Grace through faith, so faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Those that hear the Word of God, have access to the Grace of God by the faith that the hearing produces. Faith is the expression of our mouth with the confidence of what we have heard. Those that put a limit on Grace you will find they are wolves in sheep’s clothing and operating in the anointing of stealing killing and destroying, if you follow them, you will do likewise. But you be a giver of Faith and Grace, reject the negative report and follow what the Spirit of Truth Speaks.