False Prophets


False Prophets are false because of the doctrination of the teachings of man that they hold on too. They generally prophecy to those that are also indoctrinated by the teachings of man, so though the people need a real and true prophet to speak to them they cannot receive from a real and true prophet because they themselves have become false listeners. They will generally say that a false prophet is a true prophet because their doctrines of man agree with the false prophet. A false prophet will sound right to them, but a false prophet won’t lead them on the path of light. A true prophet will go against the grain and will bring challenge, that one will either have to decided to follow or reject. A heart change is what is needed to be taught by God correctly. And being taught by God is only the begining of the heart change, and the heart change will also have an outward change following it. The outward change and also the inward change are not the same as the what religious zealots are use to.