Condemnation or Light


The spirit of condemnation is one of the chief tools of the enemy, when a child of God is clouded by condemnation light evades them and they cannot see. Many sit under this condemnation for years and maybe all their lives not knowing there is any real light. Light is what makes all the difference from being underneath to being over the top. When one is a seeker to walk in the light, condemnation will seek to keep them down, this needs to be overcome. The problem of sitting under performance based religion is there will always be condemnation, perfectionism will never be satisfied. We have been given the mind of Christ but one needs to overcome by faith putting on the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is the new the old is anything but. Don’t prefer the old and don’t be settled in the old because the new is much brighter. This is another example how a soul is lost in hell. Think not that this is a someday one day thing, all we have is now, we need to bring the expectation of our faith into the now. Those that have the someday one day mentality will always be on the outside and underneath.