There is a rest for those of the household of faith


There is a rest for those of the household of faith. One can only be carefree if God has your cares. Trusting in God all the time removes one from their own cares. Faith does have an ignition point which is by the words of your mouth which is the words of faith and having also a mind set that your cares are cast to him. Those outside carry the load of thier own cares and they also are in the position of being responsible for thier own cares, which really is not a safe place to be. The thinking of the world is different from the thinking of the Kingdom of God, those who act as one in the Kingdom have God who keeps His Word. Jesus said my yoke is easy and my burden is light, with saying this He says come to me, the way we come to Him is only by faith. He promises to those that come to Him, He will give rest. If we come to Him all the time we will always be in rest.