The mercy of your own opinion


When you think one that speaks Truth is a liar you are at the mercy of your own opinion, being at the mercy of your own opinion is not mercy at all though it can be a comfort somewhat for a bit. The deceiver the devil will convince one if he can, that the Truth is a lie, if he can do that then he has your soul. The whole problem with the sinful nature is the lie is its food and it needs to be fed, when one has not had their spirit regenerated, they will not get the Truth to their heart full stop. Hear this if you are a seeker, you can find out how to obtain a regenerated spirit. It is by believing in Jesus and confessing Him with your mouth from a believing heart. For those that don’t know Truth that is hearing Truth, Truth is what God speaks it comes with His breath that gives life. Those on the outside get caught up with right and wrong and don’t have any knowledge of the Truth. We are saved by Truth we need Truth each day to walk the salvation that Jesus die for. Truth is our daily bread that Jesus said to ask for. Truth doesn’t operate in the area of opinion, all opinion has is right and wrong, opinion doesn’t give life, but Truth does give life.