Come out from among them


If one wants to walk with God forgiveness is mandatory, but we also on the other hand cannot walk together with those we disagree with. When you do walk together with those you disagree with you will be double minded, in worldly terms walking together in disagreement is the norm in most cases. But if you want to walk with God one does have to come out from among them. Religion is full of those that disagree with each other they do settle if they agree on one thing then that is enough, yet in doing this they reject knowledge. Those that seek the knowledge of God and find it will also experience a separation. Those that find the knowledge of God find the well spring of life that never runs dry. The knowledge of God speaks thus, ‘This is the way walk yea in it’, it gives light to the path before you so that you do not stumble and if you do stumble you can see to get back up again.