A Real prophet is rejected


A real prophet and also to the caliber that they operate in will be rejected, despised, spat upon, spoken against, hated by brothers and will be generally cast out and considered as evil, but hear this, the word that they speak will still be working and grace will be added to the place that there seed has been placed. We are in the age of Truth and Grace and the Truth and Grace that they speak will bear fruit. Though it would be better for the hearer to not kick against the pricks but God’s Grace is at work drawing all unto Himself. Jesus did say that those that are last will be first and the first last. It is very much for one all the time to get yourself into a place of hearing, because hearing brings you back to the right place in Him, and continual hearing will work His perfection in one. Perfection is His work, the religious think it is there work. But it is by Grace we are saved. The Truth is spoken and heard and will continue to be spoken and heard. Without the Truth and Grace we only have our good works and curse. But Grace and Truth override curse and every curse because it was all borne by Jesus on the cross, that is so we who believe can walk in freedom, that is the freedom of Grace and Truth. Those that do kick against the picks will find there road hard, so if your road is hard use your faith to smooth it out and wake up.