The Anointing teaches about all things


Truth being revealed in the heart brings assurance, confidence, peace, joy, faith, guidance, it is the teacher about all things. It is activated through the profession of faith calling it forth into existence to those that persist. It becomes active when the mind agrees with the spirit on this, this agreement is called belief. When one walks in it’s constant flow it is a terrible thing to have it stop for any amount of time, it is also terrible not to have known this flow at all though if one has not know it they are unaware of this fact. When one begins finding this truth revealed in the heart it starts as a trickle and then increases to a flow. This is also call as John said the anointing which teaches you about all things, he says it is real and when matured it can be relied upon so that you have no need to be taught by anyone because it teaches, the teaching from man really is a low form of learning, hearing truth is a higher form of learning it is God voice. Most do not partake of this however but it is available to all. The counterfeit to this however which most partake of is the conferring with flesh and blood which knowns nothing about what I am talking about. Hearing truth spoken about is not the same as hearing truth in the heart, one needs to seek it and find themselves. If everyone that is in Christ did what I am saying here, this world would not be the same as it is now, it could not be. The refusal to listen to this does put one in enmity with the other.