Do You Really know Truth from a lie.


The bible, your doctrine, your church, your leaders these can all be idols, in fact if it is the case that these are idols then it is a hinderances from hearing truth, not many have the flow of truth in their life because of these idols, lets take for an example doctrines, when you believe in something incorrect familiar spirits can come in and keep inspiring one in this falseness, a familiar spirit is familiar to Gods spirit those caught up in this won’t know the different of truth from a lie. The lie is normally a speculative thought that seems to always promise but never comes into being. Truth however is of the such it is a progressive conversation with God that brings increase. Those that trust in the truths teaching have no fear of error because truth is of the such it lights the way and error gets burnt when the light shines on it. However those that have error as idols don’t have this truth being light to them, they still only rely on there carnal thinking, and have the need to also rely on those that have more intelligence that think along the same lines. Truth and light have increase though it may be slow coming on, it will bring one into the full day where there is no stumbling. Truth is activated by faith, if there is no faith you won’t find truth.